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Upcoming Forex Seminars and Workshops

  • Shenzhen, China - 11 March 2017 – 500 seats available - Register here
  • Johor Bahru, Malaysia - 18 March 2017 - 100 seats available - Register here
  • Khon Kaen, Thailand - 18 March 2017 - 100 seats available - Register here
  • Karachi, Pakistan – 25 March 2017 – 150 seats available - Register here
  • Lahore, Pakistan – 1 April 2017 – 200 seats available - Register here
  • Phitsanulok, Thailand - 8 April 2017 - 100 seats available - Register here
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 8 April 2017- 100 seats available - Register here
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh – 8 April 2017 – 150 seats available - Register here
  • Chittagong, Bangladesh – 15 April 2017 – 100 seats available - Register here
  • Shanghai, China - 15 April 2017 – 600 seats available - Register here
  • Chonburi, Thailand - 22 April 2017 - 100 seats available - Register here
  • Sabah, Malaysia - 22 April 2017 - 100 seats available - Register here
  • Miri, Malaysia - 14 May 2017 - 100 seats available - Register here

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Syllabus of our Seminars

During our seminars, Internationally Certified Instructor and Portfolio Manager Avramis Despotis explains thoroughly the foundations of Technical Analysis and the “hidden relationships” of multiple time frames and how they are applied to intraday trading. The pinnacle of the seminar will be the practical application of multiple time frames and the use of volatility to find the best instruments to trade on a daily basis.

Learn to Earn Intraday Trading is the sequel of the renowned seminar Learn to Earn Multiple Time Frame Trading, tailor-made specifically for seasoned traders who have a grasp of Technical Analysis and want to intraday trade the markets. It does away with the theory of oscillators and indicators, and adds volatility trading techniques to complement the Multiple Time Frame techniques of the previous seminar in order to spot and execute the best trades every day.

Learning Outcomes

  • Spot changes in market volatility
  • Trade the intraday swings in the market
  • Use volatility to spot the best trades every day
  • Combine the correct time frames to achieve the best entry on a daily basis
  • Use a clearly defined ‘set of rules’ to confidently trade intraday either short or long

About Avramis Despotis

Avramis Despotis is a Certified Financial Technician and holds a MSc from the Athens University of Economics and Business and a BSc in Economics from the University College London.

Avramis Despotis has extensive trading experience in Foreign Exchange, Money Markets, Fixed Income, Commodities, Equities and Derivatives, which stems from years of trading as an interbank trader. Over the last few years taught Technical Analysis, Risk Management and Behavioural Finance to more than 20,000 traders, mainly in Europe and the Middle East.

Clients taught include, among others, Reuters, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Saxo Bank,International Cambist Association (ICA), The Financial Markets Association (ACI), Kuwait Financial Markets Association, Credit Agricole Bank, Piraeus Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale, NCB, Arab Bank, Kuwait Finance House, Commercial bank of Kuwait, Kuwait International Bank, and Barclays Bank.

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