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All About Swing Trading and Pivot Points

The seminar curriculum encompasses the essence of swing trading and the pivot point system. Presenters Mario Pashardes and Sanjoy Sarker will demonstrate two different trading techniques that help online investors understand and identify market trending, support-resistance levels and multiple time frames.

Morning Session – All About Swing Trading

This first seminar session, presented by Mario Pashardes in English language, will elaborate on the topic of swing trading in general and the techniques used in this type of trading in particular.

As opposed to day traders, for swing traders it is essential to take advantage of short-time price action in the global markets. This is possible with the adequate use of technical analysis, by interpreting multi-day chart patterns correctly and by following trends to identify the three major components of swing trading: what instrument, in which direction, and when.

Therefore, various techniques useful for analysing price trends and price patterns will be explained that help traders spot out larger price moves, apply correct position sizing and decrease risk. The practical use of time frames will also be demonstrated with real-life examples. Since support and resistance play a vital role in swing trading, the Fibonacci ratios used by traders to identify these levels will also be elaborated on. Seminar participants will have the chance to get a close insight into using Fibonacci tools for estimating future support and resistance levels.

Afternoon Session: All About Pivot Trading

The afternoon session, presented by Sanjoy Sarker in Bengali language, will focus on the essence and use of the pivot point system. The basic concept, variations and use of the pivot points will be explained to have a better understanding of how to identify market direction, along with key support and resistance zones.

Participants will get to know a combination of pivot points applied across multiple time frames to find the key support and resistance levels. This will help all those who attend the seminar to apply these methodologies and define entry /exit levels, as well as manage risk.

Learning Outcomes
  • Gain a good understanding of swing trading techniques
  • Identify trend reversals and breakouts
  • Understand the pivot point system
  • Understand price action trends
  • Generate entry / exit signals, stop-loss and take-profit levels
  • Learn to apply money management techniques

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