Free Forex Seminar in China

Trading with Fibonacci – Its Practical Use and Real Case Studies

The grand seminar hosted by XM welcomes all our clients for an educational event designed for both beginner and advanced traders.

The Fibonacci tools rank among the best known and most frequently used techniques in online investing for making trading decisions. The seminar will thus elaborate on the whole set of Fibonacci tools, as well as on how retracements, extensions and time zones correlate with Fibonacci. The latter, combined with some other well-known techniques, can be helpful to master trading on a sustainable level.

Seminar Session 1

In the morning session of the seminar, participants will learn about the basic concepts of the global markets, followed by the factors that affect market trending and price action. Several strategies will be explained that can be used for analyzing market changes and identifying trends with the ultimate goal: know when to enter or exit the market, what instruments to trade, and how to apply risk management.

Based on the details explained in this session, participants will learn about the know-how of setting up individual trading strategies, along with how to identify stop-loss and take-profit levels.

Seminar Session 2

The afternoon session of the seminar will be fully dedicated to practice. Event participants will get to know how online trading in general, and Fibonacci in particular, really works by listening to the case studies of a trader with year-long experience.

The case studies, along with the actual trading experiences shared with event participants, will include the most essential components of online trading: a clear understanding of how markets work and ways to tap into trends; how to take trading decisions by applying risk management; how to overcome human factors that can negatively affect the outcome of trades; and how to gradually build up individual trading strategies for particular trading goals.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the main factors that move the global markets
  • Learn the use technical analysis
  • Apply risk management and understand trading pyschology
  • Understand the Fibonacci tools and learn to use them
  • Learn how to generate entry and exit signals, and how to set stop-loss and take-profit orders

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