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Market Trending and Price Action in Swing Trading

Finding the right market, the right instrument to trade on and the right timing to tap into a trend is crucial in swing trading. Especially designed for novice and more advanced traders, the seminar curriculum may thus be primarily helpful for those online investors who wish to get a better grasp of market trending and price action when trading different financial instruments.

For swing traders it is important to take full advantage of short-term price action with the use of technical analysis, with the ability to correctly interpret multi-day charts and know how to spot out larger price movements. For the latter, technical and chart pattern analysis is indispensable. This is why the seminar will explain several such techniques in detail, including proper risk management.

From the concept and practical use of support and resistance levels to Fibonacci a full set of trading strategies will be elaborated on, which may even be incorporated into individual trading practices for sustainable trading outcome.

The morning session of the seminar encompasses the correlations of the global markets and the factors that influence market trending. During the afternoon session, event participants will learn to use specific indicators developed to identify trends, plan entry or exit points, place stop loss and profit orders, and last but not least manage risk while trading.

Two popular indicators will also be introduced during the seminar, developed by Tradepedia trading academy: the Avramis Swing Indicator and the Avramis Trend Reversal Indicator, which both help traders to identify trends and reversals in real time and in all time frames.

Learning Outcomes
  • Gain a better understanding of market trending
  • Learn how to apply technical analysis and the Fibonacci tools
  • Understand price action and learn to use swing trading techniques
  • Learn how to interpret charts and indicators
  • Learn how to generate entry / exit signals and how to set stop-loss and take-profit orders

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