Free Forex Seminar series in Thailand

The Avramis Swing Trading

We are inviting our clients to a forex seminar series to be held in Thailand this spring, with free registration for event attendance.

The core subject of the seminar centers around techniques applied in swing trading. As technical analysis plays a major role in forecasting price direction, seminar participants will be introduced to a set of trading tools and the correct way to use them in swing trading, including the interpretation of multi-day chart patterns, identifying which instruments to buy in a certain trend direction and when.

Instructor Sompop Jittrakul’s presentation will focus on different techniques to analyse price action and price patterns, capture larger price movements, assess trend length, and ultimately to apply correct position sizing for the sake of risk management.

The use of the Fibonacci tools (such as the Fibonacci retracement, the Fibonacci time zones and the Fibonacci fan), along with the importance of support and resistance levels, will be explained in-depth and demonstrated by means of practical examples.

Seminar Session One

Participants will understand the concept and intrinsic correlations of the forex market, together with the factors that influence trending and price action, and several swing trading techniques will be explained in detail.

Seminar Session Two

The Tradepedia proprietary tools (such as the Avramis Swing Indicator and the Avramis Trend Reversal Indicator) will be introduced to participants for a better way to identify trends, plan entry and exit points, as well as to manage risk with by placing stop and profit orders.

Learning Outcomes
  • Gain an overview of the major factors that move the markets
  • Apply indicators to identify trending and price action
  • Get to understand and use technical analysis in swing trading
  • Learn how to generate entry and exit signals, and how to set stop-loss and take-profit orders

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