Free One-Day Tradepedia Seminar

Introduction to Avramis Swing Trading

The elite stocks and forex trading academy of the MENA region, Tradepedia, is hosting a free one-day seminar and workshop in the United Arab Emirates, offering XM clients the unique privilege to join for free.

With well over 500 seminars held in many different locations on the globe for over 20,000 traders, Tradepedia is now presenting the seminar entitled Introduction to Avramis Swing Trading and inviting XM clients for a unique occasion to learn about swing trading techniques.

For all those keen on refining their trading techniques with the advanced proprietary tools of Tradepedia, the seminar offers a close insight into the very essence of swing trading, along with all the trading requisites necessary to tap into short-term price action in the global financial markets.

During the seminar the use of technical analysis, the proper interpretation of charts and market sentiment will be attributed much importance to, as these play a major role in choosing the right instruments to trade on, know in which direction to trade and decide when to enter or exit the market. Various techniques will be demonstrated that help swing traders analyze price trends and price patterns, as well as understand the notion of time frames, for the sake of spotting out larger price moves. Along with this, efficient risk management strategies will be elaborated on to decrease risk on a sustainable basis.

Seminar participants will be initiated into the use of the Fibonacci ratios used to identify support and resistance levels, including the Fibonacci retracement, the Fibonacci fan, and the Fibinacci time zones.

First Session

Participants will be introduced to the major factors that move the global markets and how these affect the price movements of different financial instruments. Following this, different strategies will be demonstrated with practical examples on how market moves can be spotted out and trades placed on various instruments.

Second Session

Participants will have the unique chance to familiarize with the proprietary tools of Tradepedia, developed by Certified Financial Technician Avramis Despotis, CEO of the Tradepedia Trading Academy: the Avramis Swing Indicator, Avramis Trend Reversal Indicator and the Avramis Swing Lite MT4 Indicator.

Learning Outcomes
  • Get a firm grasp of the basics of technical analysis
  • Learn to use the Fibonacci retracement to predict trend reversal
  • Learn to identify and correctly use time frames
  • Learn how to use the Avramis swing trading system to generate entry / exit signals
  • Learn to set stop and profit orders
  • Be able to identify bullish and bearish trends for any instrument

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