Three Years of XM Charity Mission in Uganda

Posted on November 22, 2019 at 12:13 pm GMT. Read More CSR

In 2017, XM embarked on a large-scale charity mission with the noble purpose of donating funds and helping the local community in the Wakiso district of Uganda through humanitarian work.

In a joint effort to alleviate the underprivileged state of the local children and support their families, XM has cooperated with Father Antonios Mutyaba, the local priest dedicated to shaping the future of his community, as well as with the charity organisation Loving Hands.

Throughout the years, XM has embarked on several journeys to Wakiso to make donations, strengthen the bonds with the local people, and last but not least build a solid driving force needed for the much-awaited change in the life of all those who cannot raise their voices.

The key actions of the XM Mission Uganda: Creating Equal Opportunities have been as follows:

  • Construction of the Aristotle Primary School block in Wakiso in 2017 for the children of the Young Comrades Primary School in Wakiso
  • Raising and donating money to the Wakiso local orphanage community through XM employee charity brunches
  • Raising money with the sales of Ugandan handmade crafts through internal crafts markets
  • Inauguration of the Aristotle Primary School block and donating money, food and clothing supplies to the local communities of Monde and Wakiso
  • Joining forces with the charity organisation Loving Hands to support further schools and the education of even more children across Uganda
  • Started offering internship opportunities at XM for Ugandan students
  • Money raising initiatives to cater for the needs of over 70 girls at St. Antonios of Monde Orphanage
  • Construction of a kitchen as a new addition to the St. Antonios of Monde Orphanage

This October, we re-visited the Ugandan parishes together with representatives of Loving Hands Foundation to celebrate the construction and furnishing of a new kitchen for Saint Antonios of Monde Orphanage, as well as bring along the necessary food supplies to the locals. Moreover, this time we invited one of the most acknowledged pediatricians in Cyprus, Dr Argyris Argyrou, to accompany us on our journey to Uganda, who gave vaccinations to the local children and adults and also provided them with hygiene education that helps them improve their daily routine of personal, water, food and domestic hygiene.

For XM the aim is to make a difference: add meaning and value to individual lives and bring along changes that shape the future. Our extensive charity mission in Uganda spans three years now – three years of charity actions that have rapidly grown to a humanitarian project and have been fueled by the passion and care of many people. We would like to thank each and every one of those who helped us make this come true.