XM Donates to Renovation of Paediatric Clinic

Posted on February 6, 2023 at 10:18 am GMT. Read More CSR

Our latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative focused attention closer to home, with the renovation program of the Amerikos Argyriou Paediatric Clinic in Limassol.

Our donation is being used to improve facilities and buy essential supplies for the centre, as it undergoes a facelift and modernises.

The clinic was the first of its kind in Cyprus to offer dedicated specialist childcare services. Indeed, it required new licensing legislation to be passed, as there was no previous precedent. It provided the platform for a radical change in the treatment of children with intellectual disabilities, and for establishing prenatal tests. It’s named after the doctor who spearheaded the project and who is credited with changing the lives of thousands on the island.

Dr Amerikos Argyriou was a medical pioneer who became one of the most renowned physicians in the country, going on to be well-recognised abroad. He continued to practice until aged 81, giving hope and dignity to thousands of people with intellectual disabilities as well as to their families.

In the past, some sufferers were treated inhumanely. They were often left neglected and even chained to their beds. Argyriou’s actions led to a dignified solution. His efforts, through the formation of the Theotokos Foundation, helped to remove the stigma associated with this disability and guide them towards a path towards integration with society.

Our donation has contributed to the upgrading of the playground at the facility, the purchasing of essentials like bed covers, sheets, and pillows, as well as curtains and room dividers.

You can learn more about the centre and its services here.