XM Makes Charitable Donation to Darul Insyirah

Posted on August 30, 2019 at 6:55 am GMT. Read More CSR

As part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility initiatives and in an honest attempt to positively contribute to the lives of individuals and communities across the world, XM has recently made a charitable donation to the Malaysian daycare facility Darul Insyirah.

In order to support the Bangi-based Darul Insyirah, our dedicated XM team members made their way to Selangor, Malaysia, on 9th August to make a donation to the daycare center dedicated to empowering senior citizens with education.

Sharing the same belief with Darul Insyirah that venerating the elderly starts with humanely accommodating them to form social connections, as well as pursue their interest and passions during their senior years, XM contributed to promoting the lifelong learning program of the daycare facility.

As older people are just as entitled to fulfilling their educational goals and personal development as the younger generations, XM contributed with a donation that includes LCD projectors, whiteboards, furniture, and several other learning equipment to Darul Insyirah with the aim to foster their learning goals.

We believe that while children are our future, senior citizens are the solid ground that we can build up our children’s future on. Older people are just as valuable assets in society, no matter where they live, and they fully deserve to have equal rights to leading viable lives. Our company staff members who visited the local community of seniors at Darul Insyirah shared the day with them in the spirit that every change can touch the hearts and elevate the lives of those around us.