XM Welcomed Traders to Forex Seminars in Panama and Peru

Posted on October 30, 2019 at 8:16 am GMT. Read More XM Group News

The two most recent forex seminar locations where XM had the pleasure of welcoming Latin American clients were Panama City on 12th and Lima on 19th October.

How to find the strongest-trending instruments to invest in? How to spot support and resistance levels with ease? How to identify market key turning points before making investment decisions? These were the main questions that our forex instructor Felipe Erazo pinpointed during his seminar presentation in each city.

The seminar titled Introduction to the Avramis River Indicator encompassed highly relevant details related to analysing trend strength, which is important for online investors as it gives them a major edge for finding the strongest trends to trade and avoiding ranging markets.

Our event guests were also introduced to the use of several key importance technical indicators, including the Avramis River, which helps traders capture and correctly interpret relevant market information. Further to this, and to demonstrate an even more powerful technical analysis technique, Felipe Erazo explained how to combine the Avramis River indicator with Japanese candlestick chart patterns in order to execute buy and sell signals for the sake of more profit and less risk.

We thank all our clients who chose to attend our seminar in Panama City and Lima, and as we continue our way to further Latin American cities, we would like to invite local traders to join our seminars due in October.

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