CFD Seminar Successfully Accomplished in Bogotá and Medellín

Posted on June 18, 2018 at 6:53 am GMT. Read More XM Company News

Earlier this June, XM began a new seminar series in several Latin American cities, and this time about CFD trading.

To meet the needs of online traders who also invest in CFDs apart from forex, as well as to provide professional seminars for investors who are just starting to learn about online investing practices, the seminar series is reaching through to all those ready to learn with the guidance of the XM educational programmes.

The first two destinations of the seminar titled CFD Trading with the Moving Average Ribbon were Bogotá on 2nd June and Medellín on 9th June, where numerous beginner and advanced traders joined the event presented by acclaimed instructor Jarek Duque, Chief Instructor for Tradepedia Latin America.

The seminar initiated all those present at each location into the main features of CFD trading, which was then followed by a detailed demonstration of how various financial instruments are traded as CFDs and how technical analysis can be incorporated in trading.

The use of one very specific technical analysis tool, the Moving Average Ribbon, was emphasized by Jarek Duque, as it helps online investors to assess trend strength, identify support-resistance, and follow up with price action. So as to help event participants acquire the new information more easily, Jarek Duque demonstrated all details with real-life examples on the MT5 multi-asset trading platform.

In each city, the seminar concluded with a lucky draw, the winners of which we would like to congratulate once again.

Lucky Draw Winners – Bogotá

Prizes MT4/MT5 Account ID
Prize 1: 16181327 Lenovo laptop
Prize 2: 33108949 Lenovo laptop
Prize 3: 31093296 900 XMP (XM Points)
Prize 4: 4243260 600 XMP (XM Points)
Prize 5: 12054627 300 XMP (XM Points)

Lucky Draw Winners – Medellín

Prizes MT4/MT5 Account ID
Prize 1: 4314832 Lenovo laptop
Prize 2: 2300262 900 XMP (XM Points)
Prize 3: 34096631 600 XMP (XM Points)
Prize 4: 33083963 300 XMP (XM Points)

The seminar series continues: the upcoming event location will be Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara, where we look forward to welcoming all those keen on improving their trading skills on CFD trading.

Please read more details and book your seat in advance in the city and on the date that suits you most.