Everest Fortune Group

Everest Fortune Group is an award-winning research house with CFA, CFTe and CMT in-house traders. They were 2019 finalists for Best FX Research awarded by The Technical Analyst and currently provide research and analysis to the largest banks, asset management companies and brokers in the world. Their specialty is combining fundamental analysis with technical analysis and picking strong levels of reversals using Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Correlation and Supply/Demand.

Desmond Leong Desmond runs Everest Fortune Group, an award-winning research house advising the largest banks, asset management firms and brokers in the world, specializing in institution grade technical analysis. He has since begun to use the institution grade approach to technical analysis to teach thousands of retail traders on how to trade in the forex market in a systematic risk-balanced way. He has been featured in multiple publications such as Portfolio Magazine, speaking occasionally on radio (MoneyFM, Channel News Asia) and is a distinguished guest speaker at investment events.

Shi Cheng Shi Cheng is an investment analyst with Everest Fortune Group. He graduated with an honors degree in Economics from the University of London. His previous experience includes advising businesses about potential investment opportunities and identifying potential business opportunities. He focuses mostly on the equities market and is a specialist in incorporating fundamental and technical analysis to produce high quality market forecasts.

Cassandra Cassandra is an investment analyst at Everest Fortune Group. She is a highly successful trader,who has managed significant portolios. Her speciality lies in identifying the key levels of reversals through a combination of supply/demand and Fibonacci confluence while also keeping an eye on market trends. She was previously at RHB Bank, managing the financial portfolios of high-net worth clients and boasts an extensive range of Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) qualifications.

Viko Tang Viko is an investment analyst at the award-winning research firm, Everest Fortune Group. She has in-depth experience of market structure and identifying Fibonacci confluence areas. Her go to approach is to use technical analysis to scrutinize the markets. She also specialises in supply/demand zones, market correlation, momentum indicators and oscillator indicators.

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