Free Forex Seminar in Budapest

The Dow Theory with the Use of Fibonacci

The seminar, which offers free participation to XM clients, provides practical explanations on the systematic approach to online investing practices and market trending from the perspective of the Dow theory and the use of Fibonacci.

The presentation will focus on both swing and day trading techniques by elaborating on the concept of the exchange rate band system, risk price levels, time frames and the Fibonacci retracement. Seminar participants will also gain an overview of all those tools that come in handy for assessing market sentiment, and profit levels.

The main factors that can directly affect investment results will be explained in details, along with risk management techniques to avoid random decisions. Techniques to identify entry and exit levels will be demonstrated, including the use of Fibonacci, which plays a major role in this.

The techniques presented will not be limited to trading forex, but will include all instruments and asset classes available for trading at XM on the MT5 platform.

Learning Outcomes
  • The Dow theory on price movements
  • How to use the Fibonacci retracement
  • How to set Fibonacci price targets
  • How to trade stock on MT5
  • Price action and trending
  • Understand the Fibonacci reversals
  • Understand support and resistance levels

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