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How to Apply Confluence Techniques and The Avramis Swing Trading Techniques

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Zulle Razak & Mohd Helmi Izani

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How to Apply Confluence Techniques and The Avramis Swing Trading Techniques

We are delighted to invite our existing and new clients dedicated to developing their online investing skills to a grand-scale forex trading seminar designed for both beginner and more advanced traders.

Our seminar comprises some of the most relevant topics that online retail traders need to know about to master enhanced trading skills for consistent trading performance.

The topics presented complement each other and aim to initiate event participants into relevant details when it comes to using technical analysis tools with more accuracy.

How to Apply Confluence Techniques

Confluence techniques can prove to be highly successful when used properly as they are based on the combination of various technical analysis tools for more accurate results. Thus, instead of only relying on one specific tool or indicator, successful traders combine several of these to increase their overall performance.

In this part of our seminar, we will demonstrate with lifelike examples how certain indicators can be used in combination to suit different trading styles, trading goals and individual investing habits.

We will also lay much emphasis on how to apply risk management depending on the instruments traded, and how to monitor our trading performance by keeping a trading journal, with the ultimate aim to be more consistent with our trading practices and eliminate recurring mistakes.

The Avramis Swing Trading Techniques

For swing traders it is important to take advantage of short-time price action and for this reason the correct use of technical analysis tools comes in handy – this is how they can interpret multi-day chart patterns, asses the strength of trends and ultimately decide which instruments to buy and when.

We will elaborate on the concept and the advantages of swing trading, as well as on the techniques that traders can use to better analyse price trends and price patterns, capture larger price movements, and apply correct position sizing to minimize risk.

Along with the Fibonacci tools, we will dedicate considerable time to demonstrate the use of the Avramis Swing Indicator and the Avramis Trend Reversal Indicator, both of which greatly which help online investors to identify trends, plan their entry and exit points, and last but not least manage risk with stop and profit orders.

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