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How to Harness Volatility with the Bollinger Bands

Market volatility is an essential aspect of the global forex markets as it is the measure of how drastically market prices fluctuate. Harnessing volatility and exploiting its power is every online investor’s goal.

What does a volatile market look like? Is it a problem or an opportunity? Is there a way to measure it and if so, how? During our seminar we will explain how to take advantage of volatile markets and how to manage the risks involved.

This is where Bollinger Bands come in handy, as they are a useful technical analysis tool to use in sideways moving and trending markets. They are volatility bands places above and below moving averages, and they their widening vs narrowing movements indicate increasing vs decreasing market volatility. We will thus focus on understanding how Bollinger Bands work and how they can be used to find securities before big market breakouts occur, as well as how they can signal extended price movements.

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