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Technical Analysis Techniques in Forex Trading

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How to Trade with the Avramis Swing Indicators

Our seminar focuses first of all on the techniques used in swing trading. Unlike for day traders, for swing traders it is essential to tap into short-time price action, which is only possible with the correct use of technical analysis tools that help retail traders decide what instruments to trade, when to buy or sell, in which direction, and when.

The trading technique we will explain about in detail are all meant to help you analyse price trends and price patterns, so that you can spot out larger price moves, apply correct position sizing and decrease investment risk as much as possible.

As support-resistance levels play a highly relevant role in swing trading, we will also explain the use of the Fibonacci ratios that help you identify these levels correctly. You will thus have the chance to get a close insight into the Fibonacci trading tools (the Fibonacci retracement, the Fibonacci fan and the Fibonacci time zones).

Part 1

In this first part of our seminar, you will get a deeper understanding of how the global forex markets work, what affects market trends and how price action works, along with useful trading strategies that you can use to take advantage of price moves.

Part 2

In the second part of the seminar, you will get to understand the use of the Avramis Swing Indicator and the Avramis Trend Reversal Indicator, both of which help you identify trends, plan your entry and exit points, as well as manage your risk more efficiently.

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