XM Hosted Successful Forex Trading Seminar Series in Mexico

Posted on November 2, 2018 at 7:35 am GMT. Read More XM Company News

It is our pleasure to give a brief account of the most recent forex trading seminar series conducted in four different cities of Mexico this October, especially designed to provide beginner and more advanced online investors with the information necessary for more efficient trading.

The seminar titled The Avramis Swing Trading Techniques was welcomed by numerous traders in Mérida on 6th, in Mexico City on 13th, in Tijuana on 20th, and then in Guadalajara on 27th October.

Event presenter Karl Praz, Chief Instructor for Mexico, gave the audience in each of the four cities detailed guidelines on how to apply technical analysis in one of them most popular trading styles, swing trading. The highlights of his presentation included specific techniques that are meant to provide much help to traders to estimate trend strength and price patterns, spot out larger price movements, and identify optimal entry-exit points depending on the financial instruments traded. Last but not least, considerable time was dedicated to the use of Fibonacci in online investing, in particular in swing trading.

At each seminar location, following Karl Praz’s presentation, the members of the audinece took part in the Xm lucky draw, the winners of which we wish to congratulate once again and whose prizes can be viewed below.

Lucky Draw Winners – Mérida

PrizesMT4/MT5 Account ID
Prize 1: HP laptop13673524
Prize 2: 900 XMP (XM Points)4402585
Prize 3: 600 XMP (XM Points)3176660
Prize 4: 300 XMP (XM Points) 39004572

Lucky Draw Winners – Mexico City

PrizesMT4/MT5 Account ID
Prize 1: HP laptop12132375
Prize 2: 900 XMP (XM Points)38073959
Prize 3: 600 XMP (XM Points)33230458
Prize 4: 300 XMP (XM Points)38061501

Lucky Draw Winners – Tijuana

PrizesMT4/MT5 Account ID
Prize 1: HP laptop12023705
Prize 2: 900 XMP (XM Points)38135847
Prize 3: 600 XMP (XM Points)38064126
Prize 4: 300 XMP (XM Points)3225138

Lucky Draw Winners – Guadalajara

PrizesMT4/MT5 Account ID
Prize 1: HP laptop31195568
Prize 2: 900 XMP (XM Points)3179512
Prize 3: 600 XMP (XM Points)4436998
Prize 4: 300 XMP (XM Points)16141480

We thank everyone who attended the seminar series held in Mexico, and as we continue way to further Latin American countries with new educational events, including Colombia, Argentina and Chile, we would like to invite online investors eager to enrich their trading knowledge to join us in the city and country of their preference.

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