Making Children’s Dreams Come True in South Africa

Posted on January 25, 2023 at 9:23 am GMT. Read More CSR

We’re proud to continue supporting the Reach for a Dream Foundation, helping realise the dreams of even more children suffering from serious illnesses in South Africa. For these children, even their daily routine is a hard-fought battle. Throughout the Festive Season 2022, we made the dreams of 5 kids come true, giving them a sliver of their childhood back.

Aatiqah Benjamin

Aatiqah is a smart girl who likes to play with her sister and her cat, and adores colouring books, Spiderman, and Peppa Pig. All she ever wanted was her very own collection of Barbie dolls and accessories. So, on her special day, we took her to Toy Kingdom, a shop with a huge Barbie aisle. Aatiqah couldn’t stop smiling while grabbing everything she wanted from the shelves. Then, we went out to lunch with her and her family, where she enjoyed ice cream and fun games.


Thembekile is a shy girl who loves playing with dolls and watching My Little Pony with her friend Buhle. To fulfill her dream of going on a shopping spree for new clothes, we picked her and her mother up and drove to the large Westgate shopping centre. Thembekile was hesitant at first, but soon her eyes started sparkling and she even insisted on pushing the trolley herself. After everything was packed, the girl asked to have lunch at McDonalds. Thembekile said she couldn’t wait to wear her new clothes.

Khristian Miller

Khristian is a bundle of energy, a dog-lover, and a big football fan. He enjoys playing football and video games, and he had been dreaming of a Nintendo Switch. So, we combined his passions into the perfect gift! When he came to meet us at the Fives Futbol club, he was amazed by a size and quality of the field. First, we gave Khristian his new ball and he immediately started playing with his sister. Eventually, the boy was ready to sit down and unwrap his gift. As soon as he saw a Nintendo Switch and his favourite FIFA game, Khristian’s face lit up with excitement. It was a very special moment for his family.

Juwairia Richards

Juwairia is a delicate young lady passionate about art. She loves spending time at art museums, painting, and drawing, which she finds very relaxing. Due to her disease, she has missed many days of school. Juwairia wanted a laptop, so that she would be able to complete her tasks, as well as study for her final exams while she’s home. When she unwrapped a brand-new laptop with her name on it, and its accessories, the widest smile appeared on her face. She said thank you a million times and wanted to start using her gift immediately.

Likuwe Nogubhaza

Likuwe is a boy with the loveliest smile, who likes pizza, swimming, playing hide & seek, and watching Tom & Jerry. His dream was a quad bike ride, so we organised it right outside his family’s house. He climbed on the bike as soon as he saw it and went for a ride full of smiles and laughter. Likuwe also took his new Reach for a Dream teddy bear with him.

All children are entitled to a happy childhood, but not all of them are so lucky. For some, it can be short-lived, and full of fear and uncertainty. If you’d like to support children in need, or know of a child who could benefit from the Reach for a Dream Foundation’s initiative, you can find more information on their website.