New Year’s Eve Donation to Kids with Heart Diseases

Posted on January 27, 2023 at 9:42 am GMT. Read More CSR

We’ve made a special donation to disadvantaged Filipino children suffering from congenital heart disease, and their families, to help make their New Year’s Eve happier. In collaboration with the Chummy Chum Foundation and the Heart Warriors Philippines charities, we donated presents, food, and medical supplies.

New Year’s Eve should be a magical time, but sadly, these children struggling with their disease could go without not just presents, but necessities like food as well. We believe everyone deserves a warm meal and a heart-warming gift, so we included both as part of our donation.

Children got sets of dolls, cars, airplanes, and other toys, which put smiles on their faces. We also donated medical kits and other supplies to support their health and, of course, traditional Media Noche meals for them and their families, to complete that Filipino New Year’s Eve feeling.

Children with congenital heart disease need lifelong medical care. For those of them who come from lower income families, donations from sponsors and charities might be their only chance to survive and thrive. Thank you to our amazing partners for giving us the chance to help these little hearts beat.

Heart Warriors Philippines aims to raise awareness around congenital and acquired heart disease and find donors and sponsors for ill children.

The Chummy Chum Foundation’s mission is to provide necessities to disadvantaged children and make them feel loved and cared for.