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GBPCAD is experiencing its fifth consecutive red candle today as the bears are trying to cancel out the strong upleg that pushed GBPCAD to the highest level since February 23, 2022. They appear to be in control of the market at this stage with the pair hovering a tad above the rectangle that has been affecting the price action since December 2022. The momentum indicators are firmly on the bears’ side at this juncture. The Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) is edging aggressively lower

Will the BoC hit the hike button again? – Forex News Preview

Following the larger-than-expected slowdown in Canada’s inflation data for May, inventors were confused as to whether a hike is warranted at the Bank of Canada’s upcoming meeting, scheduled for Wednesday (14:00 GMT). That said, Friday’s strong jobs report tilted the scale towards the rate-hike scenario. With that in mind, how will the outcome affect the Canadian dollar?

GBPCAD returned inside the rectangle that has been affecting the price action since December 2022. The third upward breakout proved false again, with the bulls scratching their heads about the correct set-up that could finally help them stage a strong rally. In the meantime, historical performance is pointing to a probable retest of the lower boundary of the rectangle structure, despite the muted momentum indicators.

GBPCAD bulls are staging another upward breakout from the rectangle that has been affecting the price action since December 2022. They have already failed twice at decisively breaking this rectangle and recording a significant upleg above the 1.6862 area. This time the technical picture appears to be slightly more supportive of the bulls’ intention.

GBPCAD is currently hovering around the busy 1.6813-1.6862 area as the bulls appear to be taking a breather after reaching a 14-month high on May 4, 2023. In the meantime, GBP bears have failed to take advantage of the drop below the November 4, 2022 upward sloping trendline, potentially confirming that the bulls retain the upper hand. With the RSI hovering around its 50-midpoint and the Average Directional Movement Index (ADX) edging below its 25-threshold, the onus falls on the stochasti

Technical Analysis – GBPCAD bulls catch their breath after strong rally

GBPCAD is currently hovering around the busy 1.6862 area as the bulls appear to be taking a breather after reaching a 14-month high last week. The move higher since mid-February has been very aggressive with GBPCAD recording a series of higher highs and higher lows. The bulls could be content with a local trough above the 1.6528 mark, acting as a basis for potentially another leg higher.

GBPCAD stands a tad below the 14-month high of 1.7143, having broken the key 1.6862 level. The pair is testing the upper boundary of the Bollinger bands confirming the aggressiveness of the recent upleg. The bulls are naturally enjoying the current move and crave for another rally. Should they manage to push the pair again above the 1.7080 level defined by October-November 2021 highs, they would set their eyes higher.

Technical Analysis – GBPCAD at tight range, bulls on their toes

GBPCAD has been hovering inside the rather tight 1.6535-1.6862 rectangle since mid-March.  The first test of the upper boundary was unsuccessful, but the bulls appear determined to make another attempt. They have been holding all the cards since the September 26, 2022 low of 1.4038, achieving an impressive 20% rally despite the BoE’s measured approach.

GBPCAD is hovering around the 1.6760 area, below the March 23 peak of 1.6864. This is the second time in the past four months that GBPCAD bulls have not managed to break this area. A slightly odd looking double top pattern has formed, which should attract the interest of GBP bears. For this pattern to be deemed as valid, there needs to be a move towards the 1.61 area, the neckline of the structure.

Technical Analysis – GBPCAD finds strong resistance at 1.6870

GBPCAD traded slightly lower this week, after hitting resistance at 1.6870 on March 23. Overall, though, the pair is still trading above the uptrend line drawn from the low of September 28, as well as above all the plotted moving averages. Therefore, even if the retreat continues for a while longer, the bulls could still take the reins from near the uptrend line or the low of March 16 at 1.6525. Both the short-term oscillators suggest that, indeed, the setback could extend a bit more.

GBPCAD has been consolidating after hitting a 9-month peak of 1.6844 in December, but the sideways range has tightened recently, with the price action developing inside the Ichimoku cloud. The short-term bias remains neutral according to the momentum indicators. The RSI is fluctuating around the 50 neutral level, while the MACD is barely above zero.

GBPCAD has been correcting in the last few trading sessions following an aggressive move higher that pushed it to 1.6818, the highest print since mid-March. Failure to break above 1.6862 appears to have tipped the balance in favour of the bears, as GBPCAD has returned below the October 4 upward sloping trendline. From the bulls’ perspective, the latest pullback could be seen as a mere correction.

GBPCAD appears to pause its advance at the 1.6690 area, a 9month high, following a swift move from 1.61. This push higher could be a product of the ascending right-angled broadening pattern formed since October 4. The breakout above the upper trendline of the pattern has been decisive but there is always the risk of a false breakout. Nevertheless, the recent rally gets plenty of support from momentum indicators.

Technical Analysis - Is GBPCAD headed for the 2010 low?

GBPCAD has been drifting south since August 2, when it hit resistance near 1.5760. That said, it has yet to clearly overcome the key support of 1.5350, a move which would not only confirm a forthcoming lower low, but also take the pair into territories last seen back in April 2013. Overall, the trend appears to be to the downside, a narrative supported by the fact that GBPCAD remains below all three of the plotted moving averages.

Technical Analysis – GBPCAD bounces within critical support band, bearish risks linger

GBPCAD is struggling to lift over the mid-Bollinger band at 1.5990 and the fresh highs of 1.6029 after unearthing footing within a key support base, which was shaped by the October 2016 and the January 2017 significant troughs. The falling simple moving averages are still endorsing the negative bearing in the pair. The short-term oscillators reflect the recent positive developments in the pair but are signalling that upside forces appear to be feeble.

GBPCAD is sustaining its moderate bullish strides from the recently recorded two-and-a-half-year low of 1.6292, which has now steered the price over the Ichimoku cloud and the 50- and 100-period simple moving averages (SMAs). The unwavering bearish 200-period SMA continues to promote the downtrend. Meanwhile, the softened decline of the 100-period SMA, along with the gradual incline in the 50-period SMA, suggests the price may hike towards the 1.6548 level, which is the 23.6% Fibonacci retraceme

Technical Analysis – GBPCAD still bearish despite uptick from 2½-year low

GBPCAD is improving from the 29½-month low of 1.6315 but the near six-week decline from the 1.7376 high remains intact below the 1.6714-1.6786 resistance boundary. The falling simple moving averages (SMAs) continue to endorse a deteriorating outlook in the pair. Moreover, the diving Ichimoku lines indicate that prevailing bearish forces are present, while the short-term oscillators are reflecting the renewed pickup in positive momentum.

Technical Analysis – GBPCAD bearish pressures calm above 1.65 handle

GBPCAD has touched a 29½-month low of 1.6516, subsequently shaping the 1.6516-1.6566 support border that encapsulates the March 2020 trough of the collapse from the 1.8045 high. The tempo of the pair’s descent from the recent 1.7376 high softened in the vicinity of the March 2020 bottom of 1.6536. Nonetheless, the simple moving averages (SMAs) continue to highlight downside risks.

Technical Analysis – GBPCAD powers back as positive forces linger

GBPCAD came back swinging after its January retreat as the bearish forces appeared to run out of steam. Moreover, the pair crossed above both its 50- and 200-day simple moving averages (SMAs), while the latter also rejected a temporary minor pullback, endorsing the bulls’ hopes for a more sustained uptrend. The momentum indicators suggest that the near-term risks are tilted to the upside.

GBPCAD has been plunging since early September, generating a clear structure of lower highs and lower lows. However, the near-term picture has improved as the pair has been charging higher after its dip ceased at the 20-month low of 1.6639. This upside correction is likely to continue, with momentum indicators further reinforcing the immediate-term bullish bias.


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