Seminar on Swing Trading Recently Held in Amman

Posted on October 23, 2017 at 11:40 am GMT. Read More XM Company News

This autumn, XM continued its forex trading seminar series started in the MENA region in September, reaching its next destination on 21st October: the city of Amman, Jordan.

The seminar was held at Kempinski Hotel, where all those traders who honoured us with their presence could attend forex instructor Habib Akiki’s presentation on some of today’s most efficient swing trading techniques, in particular the technical indicators developed by Tradepedia trading academy, such as the Avramis Swing Lite Indicator, especially developed to identify market trends and price reversals in different time frames.

Apart from outlining the importance and general rules of technical analysis, Habib Akiki provided event participants with clear explanations about techniques used for capturing larger price moves and applying correct position sizing, as well as about how to interpret multi-day chart patterns and know what instruments to trade on. As one of the seminar’s primary objectives, risk management techniques were also elaborated on, as they constitute a highly relevant part of making investment decisions.

Following the seminar, we raffled the names of all our event guests present and announced the XM lucky draw winners, whom we congratulate on the prizes won.

XM Lucky Draw Winners

Prizes MT4/MT5 Account ID
Prize 1: $100 non-withdrawable trading bonus 31060998
Prize 2: $100 non-withdrawable trading bonus 3130875
Prize 3: $100 non-withdrawable trading bonus 31035811
Prize 4: $100 non-withdrawable trading bonus 17041235
Prize 5: $100 non-withdrawable trading bonus 11183927

Our seminars series will continue in the MENA countries, the next destinations being Marrakesh on 6th December and Tangier on 9th December.

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