UK Stocks-Factors to watch on May 4

May 4 (Reuters) - Britain's FTSE 100 .FTSE index is seen opening steady on Wednesday, with futures FFIc1 marginally up 0.21%.

* ASTON MARTIN: Aston Martin Lagonda AML.L named Amedeo Felisa, the former boss of Ferrari NV RACE.MI , as its new chief executive officer, succeeding Tobias Moers who will step down with immediate effect.

* CINEWORLD: Cineworld CINE.L has approached its former dissenting shareholders of its U.S. division Regal Entertainment to further delay payments of its debt obligations, the British cinema chain operator said.

* HSBC: HSBC HSBA.L has kicked off its planned $1 billion share buyback, as it seeks to redeploy excess capital and reward shareholders.

* WETHERSPOON: J D Wetherspoon JDW.L said it expects to "break-even" for profits in the current financial year as economies reopened, although it warned of rising cost pressures related to labour, energy, and inflation.

* BOOHOO: Online fashion retailer Boohoo BOOH.L reported a 28% fall in annual core earnings that reflected significant freight and logistics cost inflation and warned that pandemic-related external factors will continue to impact it this year.

* HSBC: HSBC HSBA.L investors gave a break-up proposal by its biggest shareholder a lukewarm response, voicing concerns a split would prove complex with no guarantee of raising returns.

* JUPITER: British asset manager Jupiter JUP.L has decided to close its Emerging European Opportunities Fund, it said, as the fund management sector contends with knock-on effects from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

* FCA: Staff at Britain's Financial Conduct Authority were poised to strike for the first time as a protracted dispute over pay and union recognition remained unresolved.

* FTSE 100: UK's FTSE 100 edged higher on Tuesday, as energy shares lifted by upbeat results from oil major BP outweighed a strong sterling and weakness in mining shares.

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Reporting by Shanima A and Amna Karimi in Bengaluru

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