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US Open Note – Stocks to close the week unharmed as the focus turns to the Fed

Stocks flirt with record highs Despite a choppy week, which spurred pandemic fears before putting them back to rest again, global stocks bound up their wounds as investors cheered on robust corporate profits and assessed that fiscal and monetary policy could still protect economies from covid breakouts.

Weekly Comment - Fed meeting and a barrage of data coming up

The week started with investors losing their cool over a slowdown in global growth as the Delta variant continued to rampage, but the panic soon faded and stock markets returned to record highs.

Daily Market Comment – ECB to commit to negative rates

ECB meets, likely to lock itself into cheap money for longer  Wall Street approaches record highs again as Delta scare fades Dollar pulls back, commodity FX recovers, gold can't catch a break ECB to strengthen forward guidance The main event today will be the European Central Bank meeting, which should be interesting after President Lagarde promised to deliver new policy signals.

Daily Market Comment – Wall Street bounces back, dollar powers higher

Stock markets claw back losses as dip buyers return Dollar cruises higher with a little help from recovering yields But commodity currencies remain under pressure Dip buyers win again Wall Street staged a fierce comeback on Tuesday, without any particular catalyst behind this impressive recovery.

Daily Market Comment – Economic growth worries torment stocks and oil

Economic slowdown concerns hit stocks, oil gets demolished  Commodity currencies struggle too, dollar and yen shine  But the panic could fade soon, as stimulus hopes return Pandemic blues hit markets Worries that the rampaging Delta variant will hamstring the global recovery took a bite out of riskier assets on Monday.

US Open Note – Pandemic anxiety spurs risk aversion; Wall street futures in the red

Pandemic uncertainty resurfaces The cocktail of a contagious Covid delta variant and the stabilization in vaccinations revived memories of lockdown restrictions and amplified inflation fears at a time when investors were confident that the summer months could boost economic growth, especially in the hardest-hit tourism sector.

US Open Note – Markets cool down after a messy week despite China's RRR cut

Stocks get on their feet ahead of earnings Markets took a breather at the end of a turbulent week, which suddenly derailed hopes of a swift economic recovery and promoted self-realization that the vaccination program alone may not be enough to re-establish the pre-Covid normality.

Daily Market Comment – Stocks and dollar stabilize as bond chaos cools

Stock markets and FX pairs cool down after seismic moves    Everything revolves around the bond market - is the squeeze over? Gold recovery stalls, ECB minutes and Canadian jobs coming up Is the bond market short squeeze done?  After a week of mayhem across global markets, calmer tones are finally prevailing.

Daily Market Comment – Special ECB announcement could rock the euro today

ECB set to announce higher inflation target, Lagarde presser to follow Dollar little changed after Fed minutes, yen shines as yields crumble  Stocks retreat amid Chinese regulatory crackdown, oil tanks Euro braces for special ECB announcement The European Central Bank will announce the outcome of its strategic policy review at 11:00 GMT today, with a press conference by President Lagarde to follow 90 minutes later.

Daily Market Comment – Risk aversion hits stocks, revives dollar

Risk aversion hits stock markets, breathes life back into dollar Yen shines as US yields decline, oil under pressure, gold cools  Fed minutes today could decide if this volatility episode lasts Pandemic-style worries haunt markets  It was an explosive session across financial markets on Tuesday as risk aversion made a rare comeback.

Daily Market Comment – Dollar knocked down after jobs report, stocks party

US dollar takes some damage, equities hit new records after US jobs data Oil prices remain elevated amid OPEC divisions, talks continue today Aussie dollar braces for crucial RBA meeting early on Tuesday Nonfarm payrolls hit the sweet spot The US employment report left markets spinning on Friday.

US Open Note – Dollar continues to move north after ADP release

The dollar held on to recent gains as virus concerns arose in a market already on edge before the NFP report on Friday that is considered as critical to the Federal Reserve's monetary policy outlook.

US Open Note – Markets are calm ahead of data exposure later this week

Dollar flirts with 111 yen; euro retreats near $1.19 as greenback gains ground It’s been a quiet start to the week as the greenback is trying to improve its long-term structure with all the attention turning on the NFP report on Friday.

Daily Market Comment – Quiet start to a busy week for global markets

Most currency pairs confined to tight ranges, stocks set for new records Sterling opens a touch higher as Britain gets a new health minister Big week ahead, featuring an OPEC meeting and a US employment report  Wall Street set for more gains but currencies quiet   Global markets are quiet on Monday, with news flow being rather light and movements subdued across most asset classes, as traders keep some powder dry ahead of crucial events later in the week.

Daily Market Comment – Wall Street parties after ‘skinny’ infrastructure deal

Stock markets hit new all-time highs after bipartisan infrastructure bill Dollar quiet, looks to more Fed speakers and US inflation data today Sterling retreats after BoE steers clear of any tightening signals Infrastructure deal propels equities higher A sense of euphoria swept through equity markets on Thursday, after the US president announced that he has secured a deal on infrastructure spending with a group of Republican and Democratic senators.

Daily Market Comment – Bank of England meeting in the spotlight

BoE unlikely to shake markets today, minor upside risks for sterling Dollar back in the ring as Fed lets the hawks out Stocks elevated, another heavy dose of Fed-speak coming up BoE set to maintain optimistic tone All eyes will be on the Bank of England today.

Daily Market Comment – Wall Street bounces back, dollar takes a break

· Stock markets reclaim lost ground, dollar pauses as Fed worries abate · Oil grinds higher amid fading hopes for US-Iran deal, gold stabilizes · All eyes on Fed chief Powell's testimony today at 18:00 GMT Don't fear the Fed The inflation trade took a beating after the Fed's seismic signals about faster rate increases, but the blues didn't last long.

US Open Note – Dollar charts best week of 2021; stocks, commodities under pressure

Dollar keeps FOMC power  The US dollar, the world’s reserve currency, is heading for its best weekly trade in nine months buoyed by the FOMC's hawkish turn, which bolstered the outlook for the US economy and put European currencies and commodities on the back seat.

Daily Market Comment – Fed bombshell turbocharges dollar, sinks gold and stocks

· Fed shocks markets by forecasting much faster rate increases · Dollar storms higher, stocks retreat, gold cracks · Blockbuster data trim losses in aussie and kiwi, focus turns to BoJ FOMC signals two rate hikes in 2023 The Fed sent shock waves through financial markets yesterday after it signalled that rates will likely rise faster than previously expected and that a decision to wind down asset purchases may be just around the corner.

Daily Market Comment – Fed to evade taper talk, but watch the dots

· Fed likely to steer clear of any discussion about exiting cheap money · But it might pencil in a rate hike for 2023, lifting the dollar a little · Stocks cool after US retail sales disappoint, crude oil off to the races Too early to talk tapering Global markets will have their gaze locked on the Federal Reserve today, which concludes its meeting at 18:00 GMT.



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