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US Open Note – Stocks brush with highs, dollar flickers green and yields dip

Stocks and dollar climb a tad but market appetite appears muted    Major US indices are holding near their highs with the S&P 500 index nudging up towards yesterday’s intra-day record high as the vibe in markets remains subdued, looking unresponsive to inflation and saturated talk around early tapering.

Weekly Comment – Fed to avoid taper discussion for now

Volatility in forex markets remained suppressed and the USD pinned down, even as data revealed US inflation hit 5% last month.

Daily Market Comment – Stocks at record, dollar unfazed after US CPI hits 5%

US inflation surges again, but markets more convinced than ever that it’s transitory ECB maintains dovish course, yet euro oscillates sideways S&P 500 notches another record close as Wall Street set for weekly gains Another big CPI beat, but no fuss this time Consumer prices in the United States soared by 5.

US Open Note – US CPI surprise driving dollar higher; Lagarde comments hurt euro

US CPI spike higher than expected Consumer prices in the United States were closely watched today for any clues about a tapering timeline.

Daily Market Comment – All quiet before ECB and US CPI; dollar resists slump in yields

Inertia sets in as ECB decision, US inflation seen key in determining the summer tone Treasury yields tumble again but dollar steady, stocks sluggish Euro and pound on the backfoot as EU-UK tensions simmer ECB and US CPI ahead: calm before the storm? Trading got off to another lacklustre start on Thursday, with major currencies and equities subdued and the volatility confined to the bond market.

US Open Note – Dollar struggles ahead of key data; BoC awaited

Dollar waiting for tomorrow’s US CPI data The US dollar is weaker somewhat today, and Treasury yields were lower as traders wait for the US inflation announcement on Thursday as it may affect the timeline for Federal Reserve discussions on tapering bond purchases and may be a key catalyst for the bond market.

Daily Market Comment – Bond yields take a dive, prop up equities, but FX sidelined

Bond yields plunge unexpectedly, signalling easing inflation anxiety US stocks near records but ECB, US CPI awaited for fresh drivers Dollar steady, loonie edges up ahead of BoC US yield curve flattens: sign of confidence or trouble? Government bond yields took an unexpected dive on Tuesday as a combination of strong auction demand, safe-haven flows and easing inflation worries boosted the bond market.

US Open Note – Stocks laid back as dollar flickers some life despite dip in yields

Risk appetite vanishes; inflation and taper talk jitters persist Although the market outlook is largely optimistic, economies are emanating a lethargic vibe and seem to be searching for an assisting jolt to rekindle risk appetite.

Daily Market Comment – Markets subdued as ECB, Fed, US spending and inflation outcomes awaited

Traders are biding their time as ECB and Fed decisions loom along with US CPI data White House infrastructure talks also in focus as negotiations drag on Stocks hover near highs as dollar ticks up, but US yields slip again Dollar inches higher as ECB, Fed and inflation eyed Markets were mostly drifting sideways on Tuesday, awaiting fresh clues on stimulus plans in Europe and the United States as fears of central bank tapering and higher inflation continue to haunt investors.

US Open Note – Risky currencies cheer on dollar weakness as stocks ease

Dollar fails to move up again after disappointing NFP The eagerly awaited NFP release for May on Friday was better than April’s figure, however, it disappointed investors.

Daily Market Comment – Dollar left reeling after soft NFP; stocks mixed as US CPI around the corner

US jobs report disappoints again, sending gains in US dollar and yields into reverse Wall Street buoyed by goldilocks recovery but cautious start to week as US CPI eyed Aussie wipes out losses but euro treads water ahead of ECB meeting NFP miss allays early Fed taper fears It was another disappointing Jobs Friday as predictions for May nonfarm payrolls were again off the mark.

US Open Note – US Nonfarm payrolls question the case of bond tapering

NFP not as great as expected Thursday’s job indicators build up enthusiasm that April’s long-shot miss in US Nonfarm payrolls was a one-off incident, inspiring dollar bulls and helping US Treasury yields to recoup some lost ground.

Weekly Comment – EUR rally loses fizz ahead of ECB; USD hoping for another CPI boost

EUR is on the backfoot ahead of Thursday’s ECB policy meeting but Lagarde will have her work cut out in putting on a convincing dovish front so there is hope yet for euro bulls.

Daily Market Comment – Dollar comes alive, tech stocks struggle ahead of nonfarm payrolls

· Dollar jumps, gold tanks after strong jobs data fuels hopes for NFP today · Tech stocks struggle for altitude amid Fed tapering and tax worries · Fed chief Powell speaks, Canadian employment data also due NFP buzz and ISM data revive the dollar The US dollar came back to life yesterday after some encouraging data releases revived concerns about an earlier withdrawal of Fed liquidity and forced traders to hedge some of their short bets on the reserve currency.

US Open Note – Optimism on US jobs outlook grows ahead of NFP; stocks, gold down

The sound of silence The FX community maintained a silent mode for another day as traders eagerly waited for Friday’s nonfarm payrolls to clarify whether the calls for monetary tightening could step up in the coming months.

Daily Market Comment – Fed sets stage for taper, meme stock madness returns

· Fed says it will start selling corporate bonds, dollar yawns · Crude oil storms higher as traders bet against Iran deal · Markets quiet ahead of key data, but meme stocks strike back Fed to unwind corporate bond holdings The currency and equity markets remain frozen in a holding pattern, unable to break out even after the Fed announced it will start selling the corporate bonds it bought last year when the credit sector was in tatters.

US Open Note – Stocks muted near highs, dollar receives hawkish shot

Stocks risk appetite fades; dollar briefly gains an edge US major indices remained largely unchanged near their highs, while the dollar got a boost from the Fed tapering talk-jab, which saw the greenback regain the upper hand over some of its peers in the forex space.

Daily Market Comment – Crude oil powers higher, dollar quiet after ISM data

· Oil prices climb after OPEC signals nothing new · Dollar quiet, equities surrender gains but remain elevated · Loonie rides the oil wave, Turkish lira falls to new record lows OPEC kicks the can down the road Crude oil prices stormed higher yesterday to touch levels not seen since late 2018 after the world's most powerful oil cartel did not signal any further increases to its production levels beyond July, as some feared.

US Open Note – Stocks improve after US holiday, dollar even ahead of US data

Stocks flash risk-on and dollar holds neutral; gold and oil hover near highs Risk-appetite seems to have accumulated after the US Memorial Day holiday with US major indices continuing to improve.

Daily Market Comment – Dollar struggles ahead of key data, OPEC decision coming up

· Dollar drops in thin trading, turns gaze to ISM data and Fed speeches · OPEC meeting unlikely to roil markets, but Iranian negotiations might · Aussie unscathed by RBA, gold continues to rampage Greenback trades heavy The US dollar was the main mover in an otherwise quiet session on Monday, with American and British traders away on public holidays.

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