US Open Note – Pound temporarily spikes on BoE policy announcement; dollar powerless

Eurozone retail sales accelerate, but caution still needed

Developed markets are caught in the middle of the vaccination rollouts and monetary and fiscal stimulus the euphoria and the uncertainties surrounding the immune responses, virus variants, lockdown measures and a premature monetary tightening.

In a nutshell, hopes currently are for consumers and businesses to benefit from the massive stimulus as the reopening phase wraps up in several key economies, and indeed the data seem to be reflecting this optimism, with eurozone retail sales for March growing at a much faster pace today than analysts expected. That was the second increase in a row and an encouraging sign that recovery in the eurozone started to blossom in the first quarter.

However, at the current stage nothing is certain and perhaps it is too early to track the effects from vaccines as medical capacities remain stretched. According to the President of the European Commission, the vaccination program is a success, but a confirmation will probably come closer to the summer, increasing speculation that some lockdown measures will persist, and loose policies may remain unchanged until then despite the inflation fear factor. Nevertheless, euro/dollar managed to pick up steam following the upside surprise from retail sales, crawling up to 1.2059 before slightly easing.

Bank of England sends bond tapering signals

In central bank news, the Reserve Bank of Australia reminded investors today that interest rates will not rise until actual inflation sustainably holds within the target range.

A similar message about rates was also delivered by the Bank of England, which reiterated that borrowing costs will not change until evidence of significant progress is being made in achieving the 2% inflation goal. The minutes from the policy meeting, however, brought some confusion, taking a hawkish turn instead after the Bank reaffirmed bond tapering rumors, saying that bond purchases will slow down somewhat but the program’s completion point will remain unchanged.

Although the BoE attempted to sound a bit conservative, highlighting that “this operational decision should not be interpreted as a change in the stance of monetary policy”, the news pushed pound/dollar as high as 1.3939 before the pair pulled back below the 1.3900 level. Policymakers also raised their growth forecasts, expecting the economy to recover to its pre-pandemic size in the last quarter of this year versus the first quarter of 2022 previously expected. Pound/yen remain stable slightly below the 152.00 level, while euro/pound ticked up to 0.8686.

US initial jobless claims fall below expectations

Meanwhile in the US, initial jobless claims mirrored the improving conditions in the labor market once again ahead of Friday’s comprehensive Nonfarm payrolls, showing a softer increase of 498k versus 538k expected in the week ending May 1. The US’s outperformance is already old news, therefore the dollar shrugged off the data, leaving dollar/yen steady around 109.23 and dollar/loonie on the downside at a 32-month low of 1.2234.

The Fed’s response to the inflation fear factor and any plans of bond tightening will likely be the main market mover for the greenback.

Turning to stocks, UK’s FTSE 100 was set to close slightly positive as the pan-European STOXX 600 was moderately down on the day. US futures were mixed ahead of the US open.

In metals, gold was stubbornly pushing towards the $1,800 key mark.

In the rest of the day,  Dallas Fed President Kaplan and Atlanta's Fed chief Bostic will be speaking at 14:00 GMT and 17:00 GMT respectively.

During the early Asian session, China's Caixin Services PMI for April will be out at 01:45 GMT.

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