XM Awarded for Best CSR Initiative

Posted on November 7, 2019 at 12:07 pm GMT. Read More CSR

It is with great pride to announce that in 2019 XM was acknowledged with the prestigious Cyprus Bronze Award for Best CSR Initiative with Employee Involvement for its large-scale corporate social responsibility initiative Mission Uganda: Creating equal opportunities.

Doing good to and creating value for individuals and local communities has been at the heart of the charity work of XM from the very start. No matter in which part of the world we can show solidarity and help in a meaningful way, we stand by those in need and in search for a better future.

As employee engagement is key to all of our charity initiatives, the recently received award is in genuine recognition of each XM employees’ long-term commitment to making a difference when it comes to creating equal opportunities – whether locally or internationally.

Our extensive charity mission in Uganda spans three years now. Started in the middle of 2017, it incorporates a series of actions that have rapidly grown to a large-scale project and have been fueled by the passion and care of many people.

The key actions of Mission Uganda: Creating equal opportunities have been as follows:

  • Construction of the Aristotle Primary School block in Wakiso in 2017 for the children of the Young Comrades Primary School in Wakiso
  • Raising and donating money to the Wakiso local orphanage community through XM employee charity brunches
  • Raising money with the sales of Ugandan handmade crafts through internal crafts markets
  • Inauguration of the Aristotle Primary School block and donating money, food and clothing supplies to the local communities of Monde and Wakiso
  • Joining forces with the charity organisation Loving Hands to support further schools and the education of even more children across Uganda
  • Started offering internship opportunities at XM for Ugandan students
  • Money raising initiatives to cater for the needs of over 70 girls at St. Antonios of Monde Orphanage
  • Construction of a kitchen as a new addition to the St. Antonios of Monde Orphanage
  • Visit to the Ugandan parishes in 2019 to celebrate the construction and furnishing of the new kitchen for Saint Antonis of Monde Orphanage, as well as to provide hygiene education and vaccinations to the local children

Philanthropy is not just about love to our fellow humans but also about serving the public good and changing the quality of life. We have relentlessly worked on making a real change to the life of local communities in need. Our alliance with them to protect what is precious for us in life started years ago – and all that we have achieved in all these years shows that if we work together on what we believe in, we can move mountains.