XM Charity Donation After Lombok Earthquake

Posted on September 7, 2018 at 12:13 pm GMT. Read More CSR

As a vital part of the corporate social responsibility of XM, helping individuals and communities in need comes first – and most of all, with continued dedication.

The Indonesian island of Lombok, which was hit by a devastating, over 6.9 magnitude, earthquake on 5th August 2018, witnessed one of a long series of drastic natural disasters characteristic of islands located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

XM’s intervention to alleviate the pain and worries of those in need was carried out by joining forces with ACT (Fast Action Response), an Indonesian foundation engaged in social and humanitarian action worldwide, supported by public donors.

As a significant number of several hundreds of locals were killed by the latest earthquake and many thousands got injured, Lombok was left devastated and suffering from the shock caused by the unfortunate event.

In an effort to contribute in a positive way and with supplements that are most needed in times of despair, XM company representatives donated food, medicine and daily essentials to the locals of Lombok and their family members.