XM Continues Its Support of Sick Children in South Africa

Posted on November 3, 2022 at 9:41 am GMT. Read More CSR

XM continued its monthly donations to the Reach for a Dream Foundation in South Africa to support children facing serious health conditions.

Reach for a Dream Foundation is on a beautiful mission to brighten the lives of children living with life-threatening illnesses and fulfill their dreams.

Every month, we contribute to the initiative by supporting two children the foundation chooses and spending a day filled with their favourite activities and fun surprises to put a smile on their little faces. Our volunteers do this work to remind the children that they are loved, so that they have the courage to reach for their dreams no matter what.

This month, we made the dreams come true for two girls, Reniloe and a girl who wished to remain anonymous, filling their day with moments of joy and laughter and encouraging them to never stop dreaming big.


Reniloe is a bright and bubbly young girl, despite living with cystic fibrosis. Her illness has restricted her to a hospital bed where she spends most of her days, dreaming about running around with her friends outside. Physical activities can be difficult for her, but we were aware that she loved playing games. To surprise her, we took her out to a local games arcade.

Reniloe was all smiles the whole time – she always wanted to go to the arcade! She takes an oxygen tank with her wherever she goes, but Reniloe forgot all about it while at the arcade.

Reniloe is passionate about helping others and dreams of becoming a doctor one day. To get her one step closer to her dream, we gifted her a laptop for her schoolwork and, of course, for her games. Realising the laptop was all hers now, Reniloe jumped with joy, saying thank you countless times to our volunteers.


The second girl, who wanted to remain anonymous, is a warm and friendly teenager, dealing with the challenges of living with cancer. After diagnosis, she missed a lot of classes and schoolwork, while trying to cope with the treatments and doing her best to stay strong through it all.

Her courage throughout the experience has allowed her to start attending school again and she’s very excited to get back to learning and seeing her friends every day.

Our volunteers chose Polkadraai strawberry farm for her dream day because she always wanted to go strawberry picking. The girl was over the moon to get VIP treatment at the farm – there was even a tractor ride reserved for her special day out!

After strawberry picking and a thrilling tractor ride, we surprised the girl by giving her a laptop to help her catch up with schoolwork. Her dream is now a reality and the girl with her family couldn’t stop thanking XM and our volunteers for making her wishes come true.

Our monthly donation to the Reach for a Dream Foundation is part of our wider goal to help communities in need around the world and giving back to society through our corporate social initiatives.

Learn about the incredible work the foundation does to inspire children with life-threatening conditions and help other kids dream big on their website.