XM Continues to Support a Dog Shelter in Cyprus

Posted on December 14, 2022 at 10:48 am GMT. Read More CSR

In November, we donated to Sirius Dog Sanctuary in Cyprus towards buying puppy food. It was also an opportunity for our volunteers to spend a day at the shelter, playing with dogs and helping to feed and walk them.

Sirius Dog Sanctuary is home to over 170 stray dogs. It is run by a group of volunteers without government funding and relies solely on charitable donations from supporters. Feeding and caring about so many dogs including puppies and ones with special needs is expensive, so food alerts regularly appear on the sanctuary’s social media pages.

Animal shelters and animal rescue organisations face an ongoing battle to meet the needs of the animals they care for. Abandoned cats and dogs come to shelters in Cyprus every day. Stray pets are at risk of starvation and disease and many of them need medical aid or special care which can be very pricey.

XM has been a Sirius Dog Sanctuary’s sponsor for many years. Our mission as an animal shelters supporter is to help keep as many pets as possible off the streets and out of danger and take care of those who are waiting for adoption.

Like Sirius Dog Sanctuary, we believe that there is a human for every sheltered pet. Thinking about adopting a dog? You can check their catalogue here or learn how to donate to the sanctuary here.