XM Donates to MAPFRE Foundation

Posted on March 11, 2020 at 10:30 am GMT. Read More CSR

On 7th March this year, XM initiated yet another impactful corporate social responsibility event, this time in Mexico City, with the aim to make a donation to the MAPFRE Panamerican University Community Center.

The recent event took place in cooperation with MAPFRE Foundation, which dedicates its versatile activities to improving the life quality, health and education of underprivileged people. As giving back to community is at the heart of all XM charity donations, our aim was to contribute in a meaningful way to the continuous efforts of MAPFRE Panamerican University Community Center.

During the one-day event, our XM staff met with the board members of MAPFRE, as well as with several local children and their families, in order to donate a considerable amount of various educational items meant to facilitate the learning progress of the children supported by MAPFRE. Since the foundation’s educational program is first of all focused on juvenile community members who live in great poverty, deprived of the basic conditions that can lay the foundations of a dignified life, the donation that XM made may potentially even the odds between the current insufficiencies and the necessary resources.

On behalf of XM, we would like to express our special thanks to Yazmín Mendoza, Director of Social Commitment at the Panamerican University and Nydia Valenzuela, Director of MAPFRE Foundation, who helped us make this event possible.