XM Forex Seminar a Great Success in Bangkok

Posted on November 27, 2019 at 8:51 am GMT. Read More XM Company News

On 23rd November, the Thai capital was yet again the event location we chose to host a grand seminar for all those investors ready to enrich their trading knowledge with further skills in anticipation of higher results.

Our forex seminar, which took place at Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel in Bangkok, enjoyed the attendance of a large number of local online investors and was presented to the audience by Feungtot Paitivetwanakit.

The presentation topic was specifically dedicated to event guests acquiring useful information on techniques that prove to be efficient when it comes to setting up a trading system that works consistently in the long run.

Feungtot Paitivetwanakit’s step-by-step explanations thus helped participants understand which techniques to use in short-, medium-, or long-term trading. Further to this, they also had the opportunity to learn how to choose the correct time frame to trade in, how to select and use technical indicators to identify and confirm trend strength, how to define your risk, and how to decide when to enter or exit trades with less risk.

Apart from providing our seminar attendees with all necessary information to improve their trading routine in future, it was again an immense pleasure for us to reconnect with numerous clients of ours in person, as well as welcome clients still new to XM. We would like to express our thanks to all those who we had the pleasure of meeting.