XM Inaugurate New School Block in Uganda

Posted on November 2, 2017 at 9:18 am GMT. Read More XM Company News

XM’s humanitarian work, started earlier this year, to help the children of the Saint Antonios of Monde Orphanage in Wobulenzi, Uganda, has continued. Just one week ago, our XM team returned to Wobulenzi to inaugurate the new school block we built for the local children.

We have all been looking forward to being back to Uganda to reconnect with the local community and celebrate the inauguration of the Aristotle school block together that XM built with the dedicated help of the locals. We founded the Aristotle School with the conviction that an equal start in life is vital for every single child, irrespective of culture, religion or social background. Education means knowledge, and knowledge is key to our children’s future well-being.

Creating equal opportunities for those in need is a human development challenge that we embrace at XM. We strongly believe that we can contribute in a meaningful way to the life of individuals and communities who do not have a chance for the same level of education as the rest of the societies they live in. We trust that the Aristotle School will give the local children the foundation they need for a brighter future.

Why we chose the name of the eponymous ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, for this school speaks for itself. As a thinker and a tutor, Aristotle stayed true to his belief that Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. At XM, it is our firm conviction that teaching values to people that shape their lives from an early age is all important. And teaching any values to individuals can only be done if one has one’s heart in it. For all those young children of the Saint Antonios of Monde Orphanage who will take their first steps into a better future, education starts at the Aristotle School.

We would like to cordially thank all those who joined forces with us to build this school. We are fortunate to have had the moral support and enthusiasm of the local community to make this come true. We wish each and every child, who will start their first school term at the Aristotle School, much success with their education and in their future life.