XM Joins ActionAid Child Support Program

Posted on October 17, 2017 at 8:20 am GMT. Read More CSR

XM has recently joined forces with ActionAid to help the organization’s international Child Support Program dedicated to improving the life standard of children across the world.

Caring about and making a difference to the lives of those in need has always been part of our corporate social responsibility. For XM, just like for ActionAid, it is equally important to contribute in a meaningful way to the life of individuals and communities who do not have a chance for the same level of education, health care and life standard as the rest of the societies they live in.

Within the framework of our cooperation with ActionAid, XM is offering sponsorship to 40 children living in Africa and in South-East Asia. By joining forces with the renowned charity organization, our intention is to start shaping a better future for 15 children from Sierra Leone, 15 children from Zambia and 10 children from Bangladesh, who each deserve a more fulfilling life.

The Child Support Program of ActionAid, whose humanitarian campaigns are run in over 40 countries, reflects the same commitment to taking action and the same human values that we stand for at XM. As a continued gesture of solidarity, many of the XM staff members will also join the team of ActionAid running at the Athens Marathon, where we look forward to having all those on our side who feel engaged to a noble cause.