XM Provides Food Packages for Indonesian Veterans

Posted on November 1, 2022 at 12:15 pm GMT. Read More CSR

XM joined forces with Rumah Zakat to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day with a donation to the brave veterans who fought for the country’s freedom.

Every day of their service, soldiers put their lives on the line for Indonesia and its people. Defending their country, some suffered immeasurable losses, whether it was the death of their army mates, life-changing injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, or the challenges of reintegrating back into society at the end of their service.

To help those who are suffering to live a stable and comfortable life, we partnered with Rumah Zakat to support the veterans in Cijantung, East Jakarta.

These veterans were asked about their specific needs to ensure the help they received would make a difference. With the help of Rumah Zakat, we organized and delivered 80 food packages, consisting of everything the veterans requested, including basic food items such as flour, rice, milk, tea, and coffee.

Supporting Indonesian veterans is part of our wider corporate social responsibility program that seeks to give back to society and spread acts of kindness across different communities around the world. We also made a donation to Indonesian veterans last year via the Yayasan Sahabat Veteran non-profit organization.

Rumah Zakat is a non-profit philanthropic organization that manages zakat, donations, alms, and other social funds through community empowerment programs. The charity offers education, health services, and financial and environmental support for people in need. Through 24 years of service to the community, Rumah Zakat has empowered 42 million people so far, including building a support network in almost 1,700 villages throughout Indonesia.

If you’d like to read more about how Rumah Zakat empowers Indonesian communities and show your support for their initiatives, visit the charity’s website.