XM Supports a Social-music Project in Cyprus

Posted on October 20, 2022 at 9:58 am GMT. Read More CSR

XM has continued its support of Sistema Cyprus with another donation. A worthwhile cause that brings free classical music education to children in need through their social-music orchestra and choir programme and gives them opportunities for growth and personal development.

Sistema Cyprus Project enables underprivileged children including migrants and refugees to learn from passionate professionals with experience in orchestras and collectives all over the world. We support the Larnaca branch in Cyprus as a Major Sponsor. Our latest contribution will go to the dedicated teachers and towards the repair and upkeep of the musical instruments which they supply to the children to learn on.

Music education is well-known for its benefits in a child’s development. It goes beyond the creation of music itself by contributing skills that help them to focus and improve learning ability and offers significant mental and emotional benefits. For the disadvantaged children supported by Sistema it is also the opportunity to socialize, feel respected and included in the society and reach their full potential by being a part in the events that they put on.

XM remains committed to building a better future by helping those in need, including children all over the world. You can learn more about the Sistema project at their website or help by making a donation here.