Avramis Despotis

Avramis Despotis is the founder and CEO of Tradepedia and has an unparalleled wealth of experience in the financial markets. He has mentored thousands of private and institutional traders, specializing in technical analysis, risk management and behavioural finance. He also regularly provides expert-level training to top-tier firms and is a renowned trader who publicly predicted the 2007 stock market fall from 2500 to 500 points in numerous publications and popular news sites.

After graduating with a BSc degree in Economics from University College London, he went on to complete an MSc in Finance and Banking from the Athens University of Economics. He is a Certified Financial Technician from the International Federation of Technical Analysts, a member of the British Society of Technical Analysts and is certified by CySec for Portfolio Management and Own Account Trading.


Gil Paz

Gil Paz has enjoyed a long and successful career dating back to 2012, trading for institutional clients as well as his own capital. As a trend follower with a process driven trading strategy, he specializes in a wide array of currencies, commodities and indices.

He is also a highly experienced educator, equally comfortable in communicating trading strategies and market analysis in English and German. His sessions are both enjoyable and informative as he takes attendees through his processes and actively encourages interaction with his fellow traders.


Andrzej Zieniuk

Andrzej Zieniuk is an experienced day-trader in US stocks, commodities and derivative markets; specializing in trading DAX, S&P 500, Gold, Crude WTI, GBP and AUD. His method of trading is based on technical analysis, backed by fundamental and momentum strategies.

He is an experienced teacher, having worked with XM on online education projects since August 2019, focusing on the intricacies of the financial markets and the technicalities of CFDs as derivative products.


Constantinos Loizou

Constantinos Loizou has been actively involved in the financial markets since 2015 as a private investor, forex dealer, and client advisor at large Investments firms. He is a Certified Financial Technician with certification from the International Federation of Technical Analysts and also holds the International Certificate in Wealth and Investment Management from the CISI is addition to CySEC Advanced Certification.

He specializes in cryptos, equities, and forex pairs’ investing, using both technical and fundamental analysis, and is serving as a Technical Analyst and Instructor for Tradepedia.


Darek Dargo

Darek Dargo has been an active participant in the Forex market since 2010, focusing on classic systems based on Technical Analysis and Price Action Patterns. He is a strong believer in safety before risk and specializes in trading major currencies, Gold and Silver.

Well versed in educating his fellow traders, he has worked with one of Poland’s largest online financial and economic portals since 2016 where he has posted hundreds of articles and analyses. He is also responsible for editing English-language educational articles and analyses of currency pairs and commodities in the portal.


Doug Rumer

With a career dating back to 1999, Doug Rumer is a highly experienced trader, specializing in technical analysis and trading US stocks and indices. He focuses on strategies that minimize risk and improve trading processes, specifically the Check Mark pattern indicator and calculating the support and resistance levels before entering the market.

He also has significant experience in teaching trading to beginners and, particularly, on how to avoid the early pitfalls that some beginners suffer.


Dzhuneyt Vahid

As a Price Action swing trader, Dzhuneyt Vahid uses solid fundamental research and sentiment analysis in his work. He has a long track record of successful investing focusing on using a global macro-overlay with intensity on currencies, equities and commodities. He advocates that the core of his success is down to preparation and consistency and passes his methods on to his students in his teaching sessions.

He began his career in online currency and commodity trading back in 2011 and, having studied leverage trading with a focus on risk management, he now provides trading and investing content to thousands of traders and investors from all over the world. He also works as a guest lecturer and organizer, participating in a variety of financial forums, seminars, and webinars.


Frank Sohlleder

Since 2011, Frank Sohlleder has been working as a technical trader in stocks, commodities and forex, focusing on Price Action Trading and Liquidity Levels. He specializes in identifying trend reversals and range rebounds.

He uses a process-oriented trading approach and a system based on simple executional steps, stating that his method for success is trusting the results and avoiding external influences. During his sessions he provides a step-by-step explanation of his methods to his students to help them replicate his success.


Giancarlo Prisco

Since 2014, Giancarlo Prisco has worked with Spain’s leading traders and participated in several international events, including the most important annual Iberian events, The Forex Day. His main approach to trading is through Volume Spread Analysis and he specializes in US Indices, DAX, Gold and JPY currency pairs.

He is well-known in the industry as a financial and macro analyst and currently works as a general manager at GP Global Consulting. He graduated in Economics and Financial Institutions at the University of Bergamo, Italy. He is highly adept at providing educational sessions for all levels of traders and breaking down strategies.


Marcin Nowogórski

A highly experienced Price Action trader, Marcin Nowogórski started trading index futures and options in 2009 and then went on to full-time forex trading in 2011. His approach focuses on both technical and fundamental strategies and since 2013 he has been professionally involved in financial journalism and business development in the trading industry.

In his trading, Marcin runs short, medium, and long-term portfolios based on combined technical and fundamental approaches relevant for the respective time frame. He is particularly interested in trading psychology and probability assessment, paying close attention to both chart patterns and the monetary policy of central banks.


Nenad Kerkez

Nenad Kerkez started Forex and CFD trading back in 2010, quickly rising to the top 3 traders among 400,000 at Forex Factory and from there going on to work with Platinum Investments as a head trader in 2011. One of the pioneers of the XM Live Project, Nenad advocates trading with complete transparency, openly motivating and educating traders to trade, trust and see that everyone can succeed at Forex and CFD trading with the right approach.

As an educator he has won several awards and is regularly featured on several top-rated Forex market sites, such as; FXStreet, and FXEmpire, as the top daily contributor. He holds a master’s degree in Finance and Economics and a University Degree in International Economics, both from John Naisbitt University.


Olugbemi Oyewale

A renowned forex educator, Olugbemi Oyewale, launched her own online education company in 2018, training over 1,600 students and helping them improve their trading results by over 70%. Before this, she gained a wealth of experience in the financial industry, working as an Internal Auditor for FCMB Investment Banking Group and CardinalStone Registrars Ltd, after earning her qualifications as an Associate Chartered Accountant (ICAN) and a BSc in Accounting.

She specialises in technical and fundamental analysis, with a preference for technical, and keeps her skills sharp by placing three to eight trades a week. Olugbemi focuses on fiat currencies, precious metals, and stocks. Her teaching also focuses on using price action to start a trade, the top-down analysis of a trend, and the application of three moving averages. She recently authored a complete forex trading guidebook, which has been well received by traders around the world.


Reino Deetlefs

Reino Deetlefs started his trading journey at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, primarily using scalping and high-frequency trading methods. He has also been involved in the forex market since 2013 and has accumulated a wealth of trading experience.

He specializes in major and exotic currency pairs, as well as commodities, using both technical analysis and trend trading. He is an outstanding communicator, excelling at explaining complicated trading concepts simply in his role as a Tradepedia Instructor.


Silvia Bellrock

Silvia Bellrock has been trading since 2012, finding a profitable niche in swing trading by combining technical analysis with fundamental analysis. She specializes in calculating support and reverse levels and using reversal candlestick patterns to find outstanding risk-to-reward trades.

She is also an expert in trading US indices and stocks and enjoys sharing the knowledge she has learned about both technical and fundamental analysis over the years. Silvia is a firm believer that there is never a bad day to talk about trading strategies.


Stanislav Kolev

Stanislav Kolev has been working as a retail and prop swing trader since 2011, specializing in technical patterns, indicator trading and Wyckoff Theory. He has helped many attendees of his sessions become highly successful swing traders. During his sessions, he explains that it is the easiest and most compatible trading style for people who use forex as a secondary income but who wish to turn it into their primary source.

He advocates using very strict rules of entry, exit and position management in all his strategies, focusing on a technical approach but using fundamental analysis when needed. His mission is to help traders from around the globe understand the limitless possibilities everyone can access through online trading!


George Nathanael

With the prestigious Certified Financial Technical Analyst certification and a background in Computer Science, George brings a wealth of knowledge to XM traders. He also teaches at Tradepedia, an elite trading academia.

George started as a Forex trader and honed his skills as a dealer, conducting daily market analysis. His ultimate piece of wisdom? Embrace the ever-changing dynamics of the market and never stop exploring fresh trading strategies.