XM Bonus Program


Up to $5,000 or currency equivalent


Entry to the XM Loyalty Program

* XM Zero Accounts are not eligible to receive Deposit Bonuses.

How XMP can be used

XM Points can be redeemed as credit bonus to be used for trading. You are free to redeem your XM Points at any time without restriction. You can either redeem all of your XM Points, or even just some of them.
Your XMP balance can be monitored in real time in the Members Area, where you can also view the current equivalent value as credit bonus.


Bonus = XMP ÷ 3

Imagine, for example, that you have a current balance of 10,000 XM Points. You decide to redeem 3,000 XMP as a credit bonus. By using the convenient Credit Bonus Redeem tool in the Members Area, the amount will be automatically converted to give you 1,000 USD as a credit bonus, and leaving you with a new available balance of 7,000 XM Points to be redeemed later.

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