Shares Conditions

The charge for all US shares is $0.04 commission per share, with a minimum of $1 commission per transaction.

The charge for all UK shares is 0.10% commission per transaction, with a minimum of $9 commission per transaction.

The charge for all German shares is 0.10% commission per transaction, with a minimum of $5 commission per transaction.

Every third Friday of the month, the trading hours of UK shares will have a break between 12:10 and 12:16 GMT+2 time zone (note that DST may apply).

Calendar dates are indicative and are subject to change.

Dividends Adjustments on Shares

Shares are subject to dividend adjustments.

When a company pays dividends to its shareholders it is essentially reducing the value of the company by the amount of the dividend.

This is reflected by a reduction of the share price at the market open on the ex-dividend date (the day that the company stock starts trading without the value of the dividend).

If you hold a stock that pays a dividend, then you will be credited the after-tax amount of the dividend on the ex-dividend date.

The applicable tax rates for dividends are as follows:

Germany: 25%

UK: 0% (i.e. no tax is applicable on dividends)

US: 30%

Your long positions will receive an amount calculated as follows:

Dividend Adjustment = stock dividend declared x position size in shares x (1 — the applicable tax rate)

US: 30% (By default, all individuals are subject to 30% withholding tax under the US regulations. However, the US signed tax treaties with certain countries that may entitle you, where eligible, to a reduced rate of withholding tax. In order for us to apply the relevant rate in accordance with the treaty you may be under, XM has an obligation to obtain the necessary documentation from you, which is the W-8BEN form)

Corporate Events

In the table below you can view all the symbols of instruments that are expected to have corporate actions this week. All figures shown below represent the expectations of our liquidity providers and are thus subject to change.


Date Instrument Dividend Amount
16/05/2022 Alcoa_sh 0.07
16/05/2022 Porsche_sh 1.92


Date Instrument Dividend Amount
18/05/2022 Chevron_sh 0.994
18/05/2022 Microsoft_sh 0.434


Date Instrument Dividend Amount
19/05/2022 GSK_sh 0.14
19/05/2022 JD_sh 0.882
19/05/2022 3MCo_sh 1.043
19/05/2022 Tesco_sh 0.077
19/05/2022 SAP_sh 1.8375
19/05/2022 Unilever_sh 0.359
19/05/2022 RaytheonTech_sh 0.385


Date Instrument Dividend Amount
20/05/2022 DeutschBank_sh 0.15

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