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Algorithmic Trading Tools

Bringing along over 20 years’ experience in the financial markets, Avramis Despotis developed a series of precise trading tools that can be used on the popular MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. These automated tools are designed to take the legwork out of technical analysis so that traders can focus on what is most important: the actual trading process.

Please note that in order to obtain any of our proprietary trading tools we would like to kindly ask you to contact your Personal Account Manager for further details and assistance.

Avramis River Indicator
Recognize the clarity of a trend profit by identifying the best instruments

Identifying the trend is half the story, the other half is its clarity, its strength and breadth. In order to measure speed and how the market is moving we use Avramis Rivers.

By combining moving averages, volatility and market sentiment we can determine by observing angle, separation and price in relation to them, speed and clarity of a trend.

  1. Easily identify range patterns
  2. Replace all trend indicators with a single indicator
  3. Identify strong trending instruments

Avramis Ribbon Indicator
Combine a variety of moving averages to filter through trends to identify short and long term turning points

The moving average ribbon is constructed by combining ten moving averages, capturing a variety of different time cycles. Signals are generated based on alignment and sequence of moving averages, forming an indicator that can alert to trend reversals and trend following signals.

  1. Follow the trend using multiple moving averages
  2. Identify key consolidation areas and time your breakout entry
  3. Identify trend continuation signals
  4. Scan multiple securities in seconds and identify potential entry signals

Avramis Ichimoku Indicator
Time your entry by using this versatile Japanese indicator to identify support and resistance zones

The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo ("one look equilibrium chart") is an all-in-one versatile technical indicator with which you will learn how to define support-resistance levels, identify trend direction, provide buy-sell signals, and know where prices are likely to go. Though Ichimoku seems daunting at first glance, we will teach you how to use it with ease.

  1. Recognize strong trending markets
  2. Time your entry into a trend by using the Ichimoku signals
  3. Identify support-resistance levels by using the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
  4. Scan multiple securities in seconds and identify potential entry signals

Avramis Bollinger Bands Indicator
Use volatility to your advantage to identify extreme price moves

The lack of volatility does not necessarily reflect stability. After all, traders cause price volatility and a good trader knows how to capitalize on this. The Bollinger bands indicator is the best indicator to point out the potential price deviation from its central tendency.

  1. Recognize extreme price levels
  2. Identify signals in a ranging market
  3. Outline extreme price moves
  4. Scan multiple securities in seconds and identify potential entry signals

Avramis ADX and the PSAR Indicator
Categorize between trending and ranging markets to identify the starting point of a new trend

One major difficulty that traders face is the ability to recognize if a security is trending or is in consolidation. Based on the concept of directional movement, the ADX indicator seems to address this issue. Signals are generated based on the ADX indicator, which can signal the beginning of a new trend, or warn traders about ranging markets.

  1. Recognize ranging markets
  2. Identify the start of a new trend
  3. Identify when the trend reached extreme conditions
  4. Scan multiple securities in seconds and identify potential entry signals

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