Metatrader 4 (MT4)

XM MT4, Faster and Better.

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Important Note

In the latest version of the MetaTrader 4 Terminal, Build 600, MetaQuotes has changed some folder locations and the language used, which will almost certainly affect any EAs and/or Indicators that you may be using. Please follow these steps to correct any issues:
  1. Save your EAs and Indicators to the new location: XM MT4 > MQL4 > Experts/Indicators
  2. Launch the XM MT4 Terminal
  3. On the main menu navigate to Tools > MetaQuotes Language Editor
  4. In the new window that opened, navigate to View > Navigator
  5. Locate your EA and double click on it to access the EA script
  6. Click on Compile from the toolbar. The action will be confirmed by a message in the Toolbox window at the bottom.
  7. When the process is completed, please close and reopen the XM MT4 Terminal. Provided you encountered no errors, you will now be able to continue using your EA normally.

XM MT4 Main Features

  • Works with Expert Advisors, built-in and custom indicators
  • 1 Click Trading
  • Streaming News
  • Allows mobile trading for PDA’s and suitable mobile phones
  • Complete technical analysis with over 50 indicators and charting tools
  • Handles a vast number of orders
  • Creates various custom indicators and different time periods
  • History database management, and historic data export/import
  • Guarantees full data back-up and security
  • Internal mailing system
  • Built-in help guides for MetaTrader4 and Metaquotes Language 4