Nordstrom will be back on discount rack soon

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By Sharon Lam

TORONTO, Feb 3 (Reuters Breakingviews) -Ryan Cohen is shopping again. After news broke that the founder of online pet-supply store Chewy CHWY.N intends to buy a chunky stake in Nordstrom JWN.N and agitate for some changes, the struggling department store’s market value surged some 20% to $4.1 billion. His meme-stock following outweighs any retail savvy. Bed Bath & Beyond BBBY.O, which he targeted last year, is near bankruptcy, and other pushy investors have struggled in the sector, too.

Cohen wants to replace at least one director on Nordstrom’s 10-member board, according to the Wall Street Journal. He’s pointing in a familiar direction: Mark Tritton, who was pushed out as chief executive of Bed Bath & Beyond last June, and whose role overseeing Nordstrom’s compensation committee Cohen considers a conflict of interest, the newspaper reported. As one of the biggest non-family shareholders, Cohen could wield some influence, but the Nordstrom clan also owns about a 30% stake.

The company is an easy target in some ways. It revised its revenue growth forecast last month to the low end of an earlier 5% to 7% outlook and said that sales at sister chain Nordstrom Rack fell 7.6% in the nine weeks to Dec. 31, from the nine weeks ended Jan. 1, 2022. While Nordstrom is clearing inventory, it also has destroyed value. Total shareholder return over the past five years is negative 39%. Macy’s M.N, by comparison, generated 29% for investors over the same span.

It is unclear whether Cohen has any ideas to help turn around Nordstrom. GameStop GME.N, where he is chairman, has rebounded, but it’s not obvious the video-game retailer has implemented changes for the longer-term. And Bed Bath & Beyond’s shares cratered after Cohen sold his entire stake last August. The home-goods retailer has been sent default notices from banks and missed payments on its bonds.

Equally concerning is the experience of other combative investors. Kohl’s KSS.N just appointed activist-chosen Tom Kingsbury as its CEO, but only after months of wrangling. Macy’s, meanwhile, rebuffed Jana Partners and decided not to separate its e-commerce business. Nordstrom itself has a long way to go before recovering from the family-led buyout it rejected in 2018 at twice where the shares trade now. The more likely outcome is that it winds up back on the discount rack.

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Billionaire and activist investor Ryan Cohen is amassing a sizeable stake in department store owner Nordstrom, and intends to advocate for the company to make changes to its board, the Wall Street Journal reported on Feb. 2, citing unnamed sources. Cohen’s goal includes replacing at least one director on the board, with a focus on former Bed Bath & Beyond Chief Executive Mark Tritton, according to the article.

Nordstrom’s shares were up about 20%, to $25.44, in morning trading. "While Cohen hasn't sought any discussions with us in several years, we are open to hearing his views, as we do with all Nordstrom shareholders," a company spokesperson said.

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