XM Empowers Underprivileged Students in Thailand

Posted on January 26, 2024 at 8:17 am GMT. Read More CSR

In a heartening display of corporate social responsibility, XM recently organized the My Future, My Dream Career Program in Thailand. Collaborating with the Education for Development Foundation (EDF), the program focused on developing and empowering underprivileged students with essential career and life skills.

The multifaceted initiative comprised a few key components. First, we worked hard to identify a school, ensuring that the project would foster its students’ creativity and business acumen. Then, we offered financial support to the selected school, enabling the implementation of skill development projects and comprehensive training sessions.

Additionally, on October 30th, 2023, we hosted Volunteer Day where our people actively engaged with students during their flea market event. This unique opportunity allowed students to present their products, showcasing the skills they acquired. Our staff members from Cyprus and Greece, in turn, bonded with the students by assisting in selling their products, reinforcing the connection between the team and the project beneficiaries.

The collaboration between us and EDF, an organization dedicated to poverty reduction, peacebuilding, and education development, further emphasizes our shared commitment to enhancing and promoting youth’s career skill development. As we continue to play an active role in education development and poverty reduction, this initiative stands as a testament to our vision of fostering a brighter future for communities around the world.

Learn more about this initiative at EDF Thai.