XM Sponsored Installation of Plastic Recycling Fish in Cyprus

Posted on December 13, 2022 at 7:17 am GMT. Read More CSR

In November a giant metal fish-shaped sculpture for plastic recycling was installed at the Germasogeia beach in Cyprus, Limassol. The initiative was a joint project by the Ena Emeis organization and XM to encourage recycling and combat plastic pollution.

Germasogeia beach is a popular hotspot both for tourists and locals but suffers from a litter problem which spoils the beauty of the natural landscape and the marine environment. This new installation will encourage visitors to recycle and consequently to protect the beach and sea from the impact of plastic waste.

“Recycling fish” feeds on plastic bottles and other single-use plastic packaging which is then sent to recycling facilities. Thanks to its size and eye-catching design the sculpture is a positive visual reminder for everyone to make the effort to recycle. It is also a simple and striking way to raise awareness by illustrating the number of single-use bottles we consume and how plastic waste can harm sea life.

Our partner Ena Emeis is a non-profit local organization. This team of motivated young people raise money for charities and attract sponsors to resolve socio-political, environmental, and other issues in Cyprus.

XM is committed to protecting the environment and giving back to our teams’ and clients’ local communities across the world. We are grateful to Ena Emeis for this opportunity to join forces to keep our beaches clean. You can learn more about the organization and their initiatives at their Facebook page.