Forex Seminar Series in Malaysia

Confluence Techniques in Forex Trading

XM invites all clients to attend the free seminar held in different locations of Malaysia and gain an insight into confluence techniques applied in spot forex trading.

As the combination of different strategies that can form one effective strategy, confluence helps online investors adapt it in flexible way to suit their trading goals and risk management.

The seminar is built up on the quintessential components of developing a trading process: knowledge phase, analysis phase, execution phase, and review phase. By means of practical examples, participants will have the chance to get an overview of the global markets and understand the factors that affect price changes. Following this, several techniques will be demonstrated that are useful for identifying the optimal currency pairs to trade on, as well as to assess market trends and know when it is the best time to trade forex.

Technical analysis will be given special attention to during the seminar, including the use of charts and indicators, for the sake of identifying possible opportunities.

Morning Session

Attendees will get familiarized with the knowledge phase, i.e. get to know the basics of technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading psychology.

Afternoon Session

In this part of the seminar, the most important steps of a trading plan will be demonstrated, namely how to set up, execute, and once a trade is closed, review it.

Learning Outcomes
  • Get an overview of the forex market and understand market trending
  • Understand the process of online trading
  • Apply the main rules of trading psychology
  • Learn to apply a set of trading skills
  • Setting up an individual trading plan

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